Arild Links contributes to the Non-Violence Project

Arild Links the company behind the world’s first commercially available product manufactured from metal extracted from guns (Humanium Metal). Proud to participate in the celebration of the 80:th birthday of Individuell Människohjälp (IM) by announcing not only the release of the Arild Links HU Bangle. A product produced from Humanium Metal. But also the partnership Arild Links Non-Violence foundation.

In every country, in every city, on every street – across our globe every day.
People are carrying guns, a lethal shape of metal, with the purpose to slay. 

This madness we oppose strongly!
Metal for arms should be used differently! 

Used to instead of spreading fear and destruction
Be reused to be spreading joy, charm and reflection.”


Humanium Metal invited and owned by IM is a new type of metal extracted from the destruction process of guns. Every product sold resolves in funds being brought back to conflict torn areas to support victims of violence and to fund even more gun destruction programs. Probably the worlds most precious metal. Every minute a person is shot by small arms. We at Arild Links are extremely proud of being one piece in the disarmament process. Our products concretely via the use of HU helps to remove illegal guns from the streets

Non-violence foundation educates young men in conflict prone areas about aggression control. Every product sold with the non-violence symbol, the famous art piece by C-F Reuterswärd, funds education about conflict management to people otherwise in the risk of picking up an illegal gun to resolve a conflict.

The collaboration between Arild Links and Non-violence is the perfect match. Attacking the problem and fact that every minute one person is shot by the use of small arms. By purchasing the Arild Links Non-Violence Bangle made out of Humanism Metal you help to fund the removal of illegal arms as well as helping to educate people to get them to resist picking up a gun and instead  solve conflicts by non-violence.

That’s why we are proud to announce the non-violence bangle #armsagainstarms