Gold | Screw | Attachments

Gold | Screw | Attachments

4 370 kr



A pair of 8-folded pin screws in gold, used to either mark the end of the Arild Links Bangle or to connect the Arild Links Spine link with the clasp.


To use the 8-fold octagon shape on our screws is a symbol and a constant reminder of our human obligation about our ethical behavior.

Designer: Håkan Orrling

Material: 18k Red Gold


4 370 kr


  1. Go fetch a 30 cm long piece of string or rope.

  2. Wrap the string or rope around your wrist by putting one end closely to the wrist and than wrap the remaining part of the string or rope until you have a ”bracelet”.

  3. Adjust the string or rope so it fits comfortably around your wrist, like you want your bracelet/bangle to be fitted.

  4. Mark where the end mets the string or rope. You now have the length of the bracelet/bangle.

  5. Take a measuring tape, ruler or something similar at hand and measure the length of your ”bracelet” (from the starting end to the mark on the string or rope).

  6. Compare your wrist size with the recommended bracelet or bangle sizes in the table below. If your wrist sizes falls between two sizes in the chart, choose the larger one.

Bracelet sizes:

Wrist Size (cm) Wrist Size (inch) Your bracelet size Your bangle size
     - 17      - 6.7 17 17
17 - 18 6.8 - 7.1 18 18
18 - 19 7.2 - 7.5 19 19
19 - 20 7.6 - 7.9 20 20
20 + 7.9 + 21 21


Here you can download a printable version of Arild Links Wrist Sizer



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