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Non-Violence Bangle | Polished

995 kr


A bangle - designed for peace, made of destructed illegal firearms 

With the Non-Violence Bangle you can be part of the solution. Armed violence kills one person per minute per day — wear with pride and say no to armed violence! 


Designer: Håkan Orrling

Material: Humanium Metal



995 kr

Inspiration / Reflection:
Armed violence is a global pandemic that does not diminish in view of the vast supply of illegal weapons. A life free of violence is a human right, enshrined in the UN human rights.

We at Arild Links want our jewelry to be important. Something we really succeed with in our Non-Violence Bangle. Made of Humanium Metal, a metal mix from melted illegal weapons collected through supervised destruction programs. Tagged with the known Non-Violence symbol (the knotted revolver). The product creates a direct link between your arm and the struggle to reduce the need for violence as a mean to resolve conflicts and to reduce the availability of illegal weapons. Each product sold contributes to both the Humanium Metal project and to the Non-Violence Project Foundation and its global education project.

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Non-Violence Project Foundation: Inspires, motivates and engages young people to learn to solve conflicts without resorting to violence through the Schools for Peace and Sports for Peace education programs. The programs train young people in non-violence and in conflict management. So far, the foundation has trained over 8 million young people, teachers and sports coaches around the world. We want to ensure that future generations have better ability to deal with conflicts and greater understanding of their fellow human beings.



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