We are Arild Links, a fine jewellery company who stir up emotions and provoke for a better future. We are the first fashion company in the world to make jewellery from melted down illegal firearms.

We build our business from satisfied and happy customers.

If you as a customer to Arild Links will experience any problems or satisfied with any item you have purchased from Arild Links, you must notify Arild Links Sweden within 2 months from the purchase. We are connecting us to a 24 months warranty on all our products.

The above naturally assumes that your claim is justified and the defect is not due to improper handling or use or any other damage to the product.

This means that if the delivered product is defective you can:

·      Demand assistance from our Goldsmith

·      Demand a re-delivery of e new product

·      Demand a proportional reduction in the purchase price or terminate the purchase agreement unless the deficiency is insignificant

If you wish to exercise your right to claim or if you would like to complain about your purchase, please write to us at the following address: hello@arildlinks.com