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Arild Links creates designed and handcrafted jewelry. Our team of goldsmiths and designers creates custom made jewelry. 

Our ambition is to inspire you to be free to be who ever you are. We like diversity, breaking norms and the creativity that flourish when different perspectives met.

To provide som inspiration on how our charm system can be used to create different styles, our designer and goldsmith Håkan Orrling has put together a few special made compositions, enjoy!

Send us your request to and we'll be glad to fulfill your dream.

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Love 2.0 | Bead bangle

Love something we all dream of but something that there are many different perspectives on. There's no right or wrong as long as all parties agree.

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Armour Griffe | Ring

Special designed gold ring with a heart shape on the top. In the heart shape we have added our Armour Griffe bead in Humanium Metal. Creating a powerful and beautiful ring that will draw attention to your hand.

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