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Humanium Metal a special kind of metal that’s probably the world most valuable metal. There are hundred of millions of illegal firearms in the world. As a result, someone is shot every minute. Armed violence is a global epidemic. Humanium Metal is a new material made of recycled metal from gun destruction programs. The metal is melted and moulded into units, which Arild Links refines and handcrafts jewellery’s design to become something more than just a nice decoration.

We’re not here to change the world. We’re here to make our small contribution and make a stand that metal should be used around your arm instead of making arms.

Let’s make an impact.

You can make a difference

Arild Links you directly with the non-profit organisation IM Swedish Development Partner, which retrieves and melts down illegal firearms from conflict torn societies, turning them into Humanium Metal. We then buy the metal, refine and craft it into designed products worn around your arm.

Your purchase of a product with Humanium Metal makes a difference: a portion of funds made from the sale circles back to the society where the firearms were originally collected and supports the victims of armed violence. 

The Process

  • IM Swedish Development Partner collects illegal firearms from conflict torn societies
  • The weapons are deconstructed, separating metal from wood
  • Afterwards, the parts are melted in a furnace and casted into what we now call Humanium Metal
  • Arild Links Humanium Metal, we purchase and use the material to craft products. Creating a link between your arm and the destruction of illegal firearms #ArmsAgainstArms circling monetary fund’s back to the conflict torn societies where the firearms were collected. 

Make a stand

Humanium Metal initiative has been rewarded several times, like Eurobest, Grand Prix for Good and Fast Company, World Changing Ideas Winner. The Humanium Metal initiative by IM has been endorsed by many international peace advocates.

"Peace does not come through prayer, we human beings must create peace. Alos, power of truth is more powerful and enduring than the power of gun. Therefore, the Humanium Metal Initiative is laudable effort at making this world more peaceful through concrete human action."

—Dalai Lama



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