We’re not coherent, we’re diverse, we’re not aligned, we have different perspectives — and that’s a good thing.

Yet everyday we’re put into various brackets and boxes expecting to be, act and think alike.

Let’s just face it, we’re not alike. We don’t have to agree or be consistent or coherent. We can be ourselves and by being us we’re more true, honest, and from our own opinion, easier to understand. We believe that freedom is a human right and that along with it follows both rights and obligations. You have the right to be free to express who you are, what you believe in and what your inner passion is. And you have the obligation to listen to and respect differences and different opinions – that creativity and progress is the fruit of diversity.

Let’s make an impact #ArmsAgainstArms

Our products

We’re proud over our craftsman heritage and can with pride state that every product carries that craftsman tradition further on. Each product is design and crafted in or own smithy by or own smith/designer and maker. Our creations always strive for sustainability – in the products, the environment and the relationships.

Our expression

Our expression has its foundation in reflections on our surrounding world.

“How can we drive change, have an impact and truly feel that what we wear is more than just an exterior decoration”

Our Material

Gold and jewels are nice, but there’s one problem that we need to address. If you’re not cautious when buying gold, silver or stones you increase your risk of buying illegally produced or even stolen material. The black market for precious metals is a big problem and since gold and silver can be reused and melted again and again we at least try do our outmost to only work with suppliers and buy from certified partners in an effort to clean up the industry.

Humanium Metal

A new material made of recycled metal from gun destruction programs which are then made available for commercial production. All products made with Humanium Metal create new sources of funding for victims and projects aiming to rebuild conflict-torn societies.

Read more about Humanium Metal

Gold | Silver | Stones

Our gold: we only work with green 18k gold, in a variety of colors.

Our silver: we only work with Sterling Silver 925s.

Green precious metals: Environmental friendly and extracted via recycling. Metal containing gold and other precious metals are separated via electrolysis. The process of recycling means an unending cycle in which the metals produced by electrolysis can be used unlimited times without reduction of quality. 

Our supplier of gold and silver: NSG

Stones: We use a variety of stones and minerals in our products. But we always work in accordance with the Kimberley process to remove conflict diamonds. 



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