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Non-Violence | Bangle

Made of Humanium Metal and armed with the non-violence message.

Humanium Metal removes illegal firearms from our streets — reduce supply

Non-Violence inspires youth through education — reduce demand


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Sustainability is our foundation.

At Arild Links, we take a lot of pride in being a sustainable company with sustainable production strategies and values. Our vision is to change the industry by crafting sustainable pieces with a deeper purpose, something more than ”just” jewellery. By working with the sustainable development goals 12 and 16 among other things such as Humanium Metal, we’ve established some core values which permeates all our work. Through our jewellery we’ve contributed to the removal of 2303 illegal weapons from the street.

Why? Because we hate violence and believe in love.

Our partnerships with organizations such as NON-VIOLENCE and Individuell Människohjälp have resulted in 10% of our sales being donated to anti-arms campaigns. By purchasing our pieces you’re contributing to stopping the largest mass destruction weapon of our time.

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Humanium Metal | Bead Bangle

Add your favourite charm to create your personal look.

Humanium Metal is a new material made of recycled metal from gun destruction programs. All products made with Humanium Metal create new sources of funding for victims and projects aiming to rebuild conflict-torn societies.

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"Ska fortsätta i min roll som bland annat FN förbundet ambassadör att sprida vikten av en våldsfri värld med ert grymma armband."


"Tack för ett snyggt armband som också gör något gott. Där pengarna både går till Individuell Människohjälp och Non-Violence. "


"I have received it! I love it! "


"Ascoolt och så rätt i det samhälle vi nu lever i."


"Jag älskar mitt armband!"


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