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We’re Diverse, We’re Not Aligned, We Have Different Perspectives
— That’s A Good Thing.

Our story

Arild Links is a jewelry brand founded in the small coastal village of Arild Sweden in 2018, inspired by freedom of expression, human rights, art and music.

A joint venture between a second-generation gold-smith and entrepreneurs, all with the ambition of disrupting the traditional and uniform jewelry industry.

We are Free To Be, meaning that we’re diverse, we’re not aligned, we’ve different perspectives and thats’ a good thing. We believe in freedom of expression.

If you don’t like diversity, equality or people with different opinions — do us one favor and don’t buy our stuff!

We believe

— It being a human right to be free to be and express who you are.

— It being a human obligation to listen to and respect differences and different opinions – that creativity and progress are the fruit of diversity.

— Humanity evolving by breaking the conventional, breaking norms, and having the courage to make a stand.

What we do

We create fine-jewelry/art to be worn with pride, manifesting who you really are - free to be. We create a mashup between jewelry and art. Offering great looks with a deeper meaning than just showing status.

Our products are about reflection, discussion and meaning since — beauty, like truth is in the eye of the beholder.



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