Arild Links x Non-Violence

Arild Links has a long term commitment to support the Non-Violence project. Throughout the years Non-Violence has educated and trained more than 8 million youth, teachers and sports coaches around the world in how to solve conflicts peacefully. Each of our jewellery sold with the Non-Violence symbol finances violence preventive education to people in the risk zone and contributes to a more peaceful world.

Arild Links x Humanium Metal/IM

IM logo
Humanium Metal is a statement beyond any other precious metal. Created from destructed illegal firearms taken off the streets and melted into a resource for a new purpose. Arild Links has a long term agreement with the help organisation IM which owns Humanium Metal. When Arild Links buy this metal from IM it circles back to conflict-torn societies and their local violence prevention programs.

Arild Links x SËBOU


Changes Petite, our latest collection, is a junction of cultures – Arild Links partners with design studio Sëbou, to create a Moroccan-hand woven rope, exclusively for the new exquisite Changes bracelet. Changes Petite is crafted from destructed illegal firearms (Humanium Metal) with a Moroccan-hand woven rope, created from carpets and shaped into beautiful jewellery embodied with history.

- We are very proud over our collaboration with Omar, founder of Sëbou, handmade carpets from Marocko. His values and fantastic craftsmanship are completely in line with what we work for.


Arild Links x TEDx

TEDxMalmö is a once in a life-time opportunity to connect with legendary speakers. Share the stage and stand amongst the voices of world renowned educators and pioneers within their industries. We are a global community of people who are moved by ideas that can improve the world. With an entire day of phenomenal performances, interactive workshops, engaging activities and forward-looking discussions – stand alongside us and unlock knowledge’s infinite power.
Watch an example of TEDx; Humanium Metal – a commodity for peace | Peter Brune |

Peace on Snow 

Disruptive times we are living in these days on the planet. We see it all day in media, talks, meetings, workplaces and among friends and family. Alternative theories and models come and goes as discussions and science emerge new forms and models like leaves on the threes. Peace on Snow is an Initiative and a Network for active and reflecting persons all over the planet. Peace in the meaning of not only stop shooting on each other, but also living in peace with our community, our country, ourselves fellow, human beings and the planet we live on. An adult approach to the challenges and opportunities we have today.

The plan was to do it partially on snow together with one of the best Ski Companies in Europe. Due the situation, we will do it on line from a studio in Davos. 2020 we had our Pre Gathering in Davos CH in January to see if there was an interest for this kind of event. We did it in Davos during WEF 2020 and the response was more than well received, so work has been done during the year to make Peace on Snow a functional form and an event in time and space.

We have just started to create the snowball that we will give a push into gravity and let it grow. To help us out we have created a bracelet. It's a limited line and cost from 350 Euro. From there its up to you to set your own price. Your donation is the start of our snowball to grow. Buy the bracelet here.
Join our journey to unexplored solutions /The Peace on Snow Foundation

The Peace On Snow Event 2021
Peace on Snow will take place the 29th of January 2021 in Davos. We have limited the amount of participants to 30 personally invited for this first initial phase. However even under these constrains we will create a very powerful team and mix of great and many professions. We will during the day set topics, create networks and form for the next years to come for Peace on Snow and create a snowball that we will give a push into gravity and let it grow. Also leading to building blocks defining new complements for development.

Our components for this PoS session will be as follows: 1 PM to 5 PM. Links will be sent out to every participant a couple of days in before the event. Some of the work/speeches will be with the whole group of the 30, some if it will be in smaller units for more focused work. No fee will be charged but be payed by the founders of Peace on Snow. The group this year will purposely be small, so kindly make your reservation to Hans Martin or Mikael. Persons who cannot participate due to limited number of people present in the event will be informed of our results and next steps to join for, the forward upcoming processes for PoS.
Read more about the movement.

Best Regards /Hans Martin, Heierling and Mikael Åslund, Skiers Accredited